This website is dedicated to the musical memories from all different musical genres, stories right from the people who experienced them. If you have a story to tell, you are welcome to submit a request to share your video story on my site.

The story can be from a touring musician, or a person behind the scenes, or just a person with a great experience to share.

Unfortunatly people leave this earth all the time, and with them, their amazing stories can fade away along with them, only remembered by the ones fortunate enough for which they have shared their story with,
but here... they can be shared with everyone.

Thank you, and I hope to hear ablout your amazing storya and you ask to share it here.

  Calvin Turnbull - Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer,
and most importaintly... Time Traveling Space Pirate!

  Tommy Brown - Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, a Picker and a Griner,
and a Extremly Creaitive Inventor.

Jamie Webber - A&R Rep Elektra Records - Manager for Lonnie Mack
all around great guy - and so much more.

Michael Canovas - Songwriter - Vocalist - Guitarist
and a true friend!

Christopher Dunn - Site Owner and Operator - Concert, Music, and Life Adventurer.

There also are some very special people I want to thank and give the recognition
that they truly deserve.  They have inspired me and helped me to make this site possible.

First and foremost is Jamie Webber, without him, this idea would have never come into light,
so this website is dedicated to him.

Second would be Ernie Paris for sharing his amazing experience with me in 1993,
and the topic to my first story here. A life long friend and brother.

And Third is Jack Hayward, for letting me use the instrumental we recorded
many years ago for the theme music for this site.
...and yes, that's me strumming the git-box.